Neptune Retreal from Neal Conlon
If you are looking for a new experience, this is for you!
Press forward, Tactical Manhood, and Iron Panda are partnering for an epic excursion. This event is for you if getting transported via helicopter to a decommissioned rig off the coast of North Carolina excites you.

Do you have a successful career but feel something is missing from your identity, capacity or potential?

Neptune is a fully immersive 3 Day Challenge
 This event will equip YOU with the tools, systems, and self-mastery frameworks to handle PRESSUREUNCERTAINTY, and RESPONSIBILITY with confidence and congruence.
Here's what you need to know...
You will get transported to a decommissioned rig, newly transformed into an elite training facility and eco-conservancy. Challenge yourself to the edges of your comfort zone to expand your capacity for greatness. 

This will be a weekend of working on YOU.

Unpack the obstacles that have been holding you back and prepare to be the best version of yourself. Learn how to trust yourself again and more.

Be fully immersed in team challenges, self-care, and building trust with yourself and brotherhood. 

Other activities include: Deep sea fishing, snorkel, deep sea boat excursions, all while sleeping under the stars.

Day 1
Mental Fitness
Are you Mentally Fit enough for what's next in your journey?
Day 2
Do you have the capacity to withstand and recover fast?
Day 3
Are your beliefs holding you back from being the best version of you? 
What You'll Learn
What to do to become more mentally fit using Neal's A3 framework
How to expand your capacity and resources so you are prepared for what life brings you
Resilience tactics and strategies, move from fear to curiosity and achievement. Recover faster from adversity, and be prepared for everything life throws at you.
How to take radical responsibility for your life and how to convert that into success.
How to focus on your purpose and drive your success.
How to reset and expand your capacity in everything you do.
What's Included When You Arrive
Helicopter/Boat ride to/from event site
Food and lodging for Thursday through Sunday
Men of Neptune swag bag
Event and training
Swag bag
Additional excursion activities will be announced soon!!!
About your home for three days
Responsible for saving countless lives at sea, today the tower offers safety for mariners in the Atlantic Ocean, serves as a natural ecosystem for marine wildlife, and provides a location for numerous research studies. Navy Seals and Marines have trained here. And you will too.
Lay in the hammocks and watch the best sun rise/set, stars of your life.  Conquer your inner bitch. Drink coffee on the helipad and feel the salt settle in. Increase your capacity to thrive.

Meet the Neptune Retreat Facilitators
Neal Conlon
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Neal is the founder of Press Forward. A Marine Veteran, start-up tech entrepreneur, Fortune 500 executive coach, and proud father to his pre teen daughter, Julie. Neal's commitment to empowering men to become  their true selves is unmatched. He's passionate about creating experiences that inspire men to expand their capacity to thrive and win. With his no BS approach, mental fitness, resilience, and metaphysics, Neal leads men to new resources within themselves to unlock their greatness within.
Aaron Crow 
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Aaron is a father, and a husband. He is a  journeyman who's worked in real estate since 2006, and formerly worked in cyber technology for the largest consulting firm in the world. His own struggles and passion for helping others has led him to become a coach and a speaker who focuses on helping men achieve their highest potential. Utilizing his expertise in business, relationships, fitness and mindset, Aaron has helped numerous men reach their maximum potential and achieve the highest visions for their lives.
Jason Bussey 
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Jason Bussey, The Iron Panda, is a psychotherapist, coach, and mentor whose passion is to help others live their best lives.
As a four-time Iron Man Triathlete, and a man who once weighed 300lbs, Jason loves helping others overcome the obstacles and limiting self-beliefs that stand in the way of true human optimization.
Jason adamantly believes that a rising tide floats all boats and that is exactly what he will facilitate with those who chose boldness and join him on The Frying Pan.
More Facilitators Coming Soon!
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Coming soon!

We're adding more facilitators to this event.
Register for the oil rig to learn about up to date details regarding the event, or check back here for the latest updates..

Neptune is Unlike Any Retreat You've Attended
The Frying Pan Tower
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Frying Pan Tower™ is located 32 miles off the coast of North Carolina and rises 135' above the Atlantic Ocean. It helps provide safety to Mariners in the Atlantic ocean, is used for environmental research and education studies, and is shelter to a natural ecosystem for marine wildlife.

The tower is powered using wind turbine and solar energy for electricity. It has a filtration system for potable water and high-speed Internet for communications.

Amid the many volunteer-driven restoration projects happening, people can still enjoy activities like fishing from the tower, biodegradable clay skeet-shooting, corn hole, snorkeling or scuba diving the protected reef below. Golf lovers can tee off biodegradable golf balls made of fish food, enjoy indoor movie and game nights, shoot pool, and on occasion, fireworks displays over the water.


What a Typical Retreat Day Looks Like...
 - Morning gathering
- Somatic Work
-Team building exercise
Mid Morning/Afternoon
- Speakers
- Group work
- Challenges
- Free time

- Speakers
- Group Work
- Challenges
- Evening huddle
Who are the Typical Press Forward Retreat Attendees?
Purpose Driven people looking to level up in life and business

What Others are Saying About Press Forward Retreats
This will be my 5th event with Neal. I feel grateful for the journey, for the work, and the brotherhood of the Press Forward brothers that join us. I feel appreciation for Neal for making it all happen and serving the way he does. Ready to move forward and share the energy. Press Forward!
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Frank Ellsworth 
I want to say thank you, brother Neal, for all the work he’s done with myself and my family and it’s just been phenomenal. We are stronger for your work. Coming together with men on these weekends has been powerful. When you come together with men and you collaborate to get that connection and knowledge from each other so that we can pull together as a team to work for a beautiful life and for a beautiful world. Thank you again brother and if you haven’t joined Press Forward come on in and see what it’s all about. Let’s keep pressing forward together!
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Neal's helped me in my personal life and my business a lot. I attended his men’s circle and I plan on attending it again. Overall, I think he just has this incredible ability to hold space and create space for men to open up and really go deep on the things that I believe we all tend to avoid working on and it’s been extremely helpful for me. I believe it would be extremely helpful for many many other men as well to work with Neal in his community at Press Forward
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Hell Yeah!!! I'm In...
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that we get about Press Forward Retreats work.
 Q: What are the accommodations like?
Living on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean isn't a four star hotel. Think adventure – no air conditioning, no private bathrooms and no housekeeping. Plus, the good news is you get to share a 4×4 with people you’ve never met!
 Q: What should I pack?
A few weeks before the weekend we'll send out a full gear list and pack light and pack prepared for being at sea for three days, sun tan lotion is a must, dress is casual and we'll watch the weather for you as well. Make sure to bring your bathing suit!
 Q: How do I get to the Helicopter?
Living You'll fly into Jacksonville NC airport and we'll have a shuttle bus available to pick you up and bring you to the helipad or if your plane arrives at an off time you can uber
 Q: What's the weather like on the tower?
We'll all watch the weather together and this weekend will be great no matter which weather it is!
 Q: Will I get sea sick?
Highly unlikely. In the event of any challenges we are fully prepared for all minor things and have plans in place for any major things that can happen.
 Q: Is there cell phone service?
Turn your phone off. You need a break. There is limited service for any cases that may come up.
 Q: Will there be free time on the tower?
Yes! There will be free time built in to the daily routine to allow you to enjoy your time with the other attendees and process what you are learning and experiencing.
 Q: What activities are available?
Here's just a few of what you will have access to:
  • Fishing from the wrap-around 70’ walkways,
  • Skeet shoot biodegradable clays or explode binary targets with a rifle, boom!
  • Challenge your tossing skills with some high-wind corn hole.
  • When waves allow, snorkel or scuba dive the 50’ deep protected reef under the tower.
  • Test your golf swing with biodegradable golf balls,
  • Or, relax around the helipad wood-burning firepit and experience a nighttime display of fireworks
Indoor Activities:
  • Enjoy your fresh catch of the day with family-style dining
  • Play pool on the original 1964 Brunswick pool table
  • Throw darts or test your barroom hook-n-ring skill
  • Play any number of games, cards with or without an associated friendly wager
  • Listen to your choice of music, watch sports or your favorite movie with our high-speed internet access

Clearing the Clutter
When i went on my retreat last weekend, with the help of Neal and my new brothers, I was able to come to terms with and let go of a lot of things that were cluttering my mind and keeping me from being the best version of me possible. It's an ongoing process and there's still much to do but the best thing has been feeling the real love and support from the guys who were there with me. Men from different walks of life and different parts of the country who challenged themselves to do better and by doing so, challenged me to do the same.
 - Ted S
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